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"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

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Cant Take it Anymore…

Why am i the one who always cares? Why am i the one that would always have people’s back? Why is it that i cant learn from the people in my past? I dont know what to do anymore… Should i give a 100% of myself to the people i meet? or Should i act like it was only a “hey” and “bye”? so many questions without an answer… Heartless or Caring? This situation is killing me. i should not let people affect my life or my relationship with others. I just wanna know someone that will actually show me that is is not just about themselves! is that soo much to ask for? Come on! i still cant get use to this country and their ways. Ive done soo much people and im not expecting for them to pay me back, all i want is a “Thank You”…Thats all. i can put my thoughts out there for hours…if its possible… but Hey at the end of everything … You realize your family would always be there… Just show them how much do you actually care and love them since other cant appreciate it!